Stay Wild 7.o emerged from a recognized need to be a positive influence for an outlaw, outcast population of wild animals—America’s wild horses—an American heritage.  Acknowledging that Adoption is the largest hurdle to managing our wild horses today, and identifying they are not receiving the constructive backing they desperately require from mainstream America to move them into forever homes, along with a difficult undertaking to easily locate, in one concise place, how to adopt, where to adopt, what it takes to own, train, and gentle a wild horse—thus the vision was born.


It was quickly determined that wild doesn’t apply just to animals; it also speaks to us, humans.  What is that connection the human spirit has with The word wild, for us humans, is not used in its modern judgmental sense, meaning out of control, but in its original sense, which means to live a natural life, one in which the criatura, or creature—us, have innate integrity and healthy boundaries.  Our wild and what connects us to our wild horses is much the same and has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years.  We have similar values—freedoms, friendships, families, forgiveness, spirit, strength, and we are ALL extraordinary; wild horse and wild human alike. 


Stay Wild 7.o — a community of wild, dedicated to America’s wild horses and the wild within us.  A community that will work together to be a voice, a community dedicated to ending the adoption crisis and creating a waiting list for a wild horse, a community for everyone, at all levels of involvement to educate America on the importance of our heritage—what our wild horses have done for America in our past and what they mean to millions of humans today and preserving their futures!  Finally, and one of the most important aspects—ensuring our at risk youth, elderly, and anyone else who has not experienced nature or once did as a youth but no longer can, may have the opportunity to do so at some level!